QMS for advanced quality planning

Manage your Control Plan with Kapture.io

With our quality management software you will be able to monitor your Control Plan in one place, thus facilitating its follow-up and traceability.


Modular Software for Efficient Quality Management

Kapture.io is designed to help organizations and their production teams achieve the objectives of their implemented quality control methods, such as Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen.

Manual and automatic process data collection for, among others, incoming materials, in-line controls, metrology or end-of-line.

Digitization, execution and analysis of corporate, plant, product and layered audits in the Audit Module.

Opening, assignment and management of quality incidents and non-conformities. Visualization and traceability of resolution processes and now also the Problem-Solving module.

Inverntario, calibration management, certificates and documentation of the different devices, machines and tools for quality controls.

Visualization of data from the different quality controls, from the Statistical Process Control (SPC) detail to a report of a part in the Report Designer or customized Business Intelligence dashboards with aggregated data.

We close the circle of quality

Quality Control

  • Firewall / Quality Wall
  • Checking arrangements
  • Sample control
  • Start of production
  • Optical scanners and vision systems.
  • Metrology
  • Laboratory test


  • Layered Process Audit (LPA)
  • 5’s
  • Execute and qualify
  • Start of production
  • Product audit
  • Continuous improvement


  • Incident Management
  • Corrective Management
  • Follow-up of corrective actions
  • Assignment of tasks
  • Cost management


  • Accessory management
  • Instrument management
  • Device management
  • Maintenance and calibration


  • Data integration, homogenization and standardization
  • Custom Power Bi’s
  • Real time update
  • to include
  • to include

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