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Traceability of prototypes, Pre-Series and Series

Can you trace all parts and batches from suppliers?

Forecasting the quality of the products controlled at the end-of-line by suppliers, as well as the traceability of the assembly and manufacturing processes, drives preventive quality and continuous improvement.


This KaptureIO solution facilitates the products’ global traceability, from the supplier to the end customer. Supplier management 4.0 integrates the execution of quality controls and their corresponding analysis in one platform.

Digitalization of execution

Supplier data can be collected and integrated in different ways. On the one hand, the most functional, the final control of the supplier is executed directly in KaptureIO. On the other hand, for those suppliers that already have digitalized systems, the files with the measurements data can be added to KaptureIO.



  • Standardization of controls
  • Visual instructions
  • Traceability of parts and batches
  • Real-time notifications

Aggregated Visualization

On the KaptureIO platform, shared notifications and reports can be set up across different plants. Among other KPIs, the analysis includes the automated and dynamic visualization of all quality parameters, both internal and suppliers.



Traceability in a customized and dynamic panel with the subcomponents and the result of their corresponding quality control processes.

  • Aggregated or by operation analysis
  • Analysis by supplier
  • Traceability from supplier to assembly
  • Dynamic filters
  • Access to aggregated data

Supplier Audits

KaptureIO’s Quality Management System (QMS) audit module complements supplier management, providing a tool to run supplier audits. The score of these audits can be combined with the score of manufacturing quality, achieving a final score from each supplier.

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