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Traceability, Knowledge, and Reaction

Do you have real-time access to quality wall results?

Aggregated data analysis and visibility of the results of all end-of-line controls, residents, and quality walls, together with the ability to react immediately to any unforeseen issue, have an impact on a decrease in claims and non-quality costs.

Digitalization of execution

The quality controls executed in different operations, from internal end-of-line to residents or external quality walls, are standardized and can be run from any device.



  • Flexible form design
  • Visual controls
  • Maintains cycle time
  • Standardization of controls
  • Immediate implementation of changes

Quality control forms can be designed according to the needs of each client, operation, or reference. From visual forms, such as defect maps for 100% inspection, to attribute or batch forms.

Aggregated Data Analysis

On the KaptureIO platform, you can set up notifications and share reports between different plants. Among other KPIs, the analysis includes the automated and dynamic visualization of all quality-related parameters, including internal and suppliers’ data.



  • Access to external supplier controls in real-time
  • Alarms and notifications
  • External suppliers do not need to access internal systems
  • Analysis by operation

Problem-solving y 8-D

The Issue Management and Problem-Solving module of the Quality Management System (QMS) KaptureIO support quality walls management. Through these modules, there is full issue traceability and 8D management is simplified.


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