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The digital transformation of quality begins with the Control Plan

Plan de Control

Following up the execution of the Control Plan is essential to guarantee the quality of the manufacturing processes. However, most of it is done by excel spreadsheets, which makes it difficult to follow up and analyze its fulfillment in a reasonable time.

The new feature included in the Quality Management System Kapture.IO, facilitates the transition from traditional tools of doubtful efficiency to a digital tool, efficient and with real-time data availability.

It ensures compliance with the Control Plan automatically and in real-time.

The Control Plan Activity is a tool for the visualization of all the quality control processes for each part reference.

In this first version, all the controls are accounted for by operation and day, grouping the different controls of a single operation.

Visualizing control guides grouped by operation and with filters of dates and parts, browsing between production and review real-time, automatically updated data, can be easily done.

In a quick way, we can see if the controls are being executed according to planning.

  • ControlPlanDetail
  • ControlPlanActivity
  • ControlPlanAnalysis


Execution of controls on a platform, regardless of the data source.


Data and controls are standardized and automatically aggregated.


Visualization of the executions and fulfillment of the planning.

In quality control is mandatory to ensure the execution of control guides according to its agreed frequency; and visual aids and notifications of deviations are crucial.