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Quality Management 4.0: Features The Quality Management System (QMS) that includes Control Plan quality controls execution and analysis, enabling traceability and ensuring compliance.


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Quality Control processes are diverse, from manual frequency controls to machine-generated data such as in-line PLCs to vision machines

These controls can be executed internally or by external providers, so digitalizing them and including them into a platform for cross-sectional analysis becomes a challenge and mandatory. collects real-time data from all quality controls and transforms it into information, speeding up decision-making and reducing costs

Intelligent Quality Management System for advanced and integrated quality management


Collection of manual and machine-generated data from, amongst other processes, material reception, workstation controls, metrology, and end-of-lines.


Digitalization, execution, and analysis of corporate, factory and product audits, as well as Layered Process Audits in the Audit Module


Opening, assignment and management of quality-related issues and non-conformities. Visualization and traceability of the resolution processes, as well as a new Problem-Solving module.


Inventory, calibration management, certificates and documentation of the devices, machines and checking fixtures for quality controls.

Módulos KaptureIO
  • Visual Management BI Dashboard Multifactory
  • Auditorías e Incidencias Business Intelligence
  • Quality Plant Overview
  • Control Tower Quality
  • Report Designer KaptureIO share report


Visualization of data from all quality controls, from the detail of the Statistical Process Control (SPC), to a part report in the Report Designer or Customized Business Intelligence Dashboards

Through data integrationhomogenization, and standardization, as well as through customized dashboards, Kapture.IO is a dynamic & flexible solution with immediate impact in cost reduction.