Problem-Solving 4.0

The Problem-Solving 4.0 or Problem-Solving is the latest innovative module. of Kapture.IO, by integrating into the Intelligent Quality Management System (QMS) the management, resolution and traceability of quality issues.

The opening, assignment, documentation and resolution of problems is managed in Kapture.IO, thus reducing time and simplifying the process, in addition to having all the information accessible in real time.

Do you want more information?’s new Problem-Solving module offers a lean tool for optimization by digitizing problem-solving processes. This module, in its first version, includes the 8D or 8 Disciplines problem solving methodology.

Future updates of this module will include other standard problem solving methods such as the “Cause-Effect Diagram” or the “5 Why’s”methodology.

  • Management

Digitization of troubleshooting management and integration of all information into a QMS

  • Assignment of tasks

Assignment of tasks and subtasks to responsible persons, together with a system of notifications and alerts

  • Data analysis and traceability

Incident status visualization, knowledge sharing and resolution traceability

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