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Industry 4.0. Intelligent Quality System


Industrial Revolution:
Machined production with water and steam machines


Industrial Revolution:
Assembly lines
Chain of production

industria 3.0industria 3.0

Industrial Revolution:
Electronics in automation
Renewable energies


Industrial Revolution:
Networked processes
Smart factories
Cyber-physical systems
Factory digitalization
Digitalización de fábricas

The new industrial revolution that is transforming the way we work is essentially driven by data management in the production process. We have a lot of data, much more than a person can handle: how can we take advantage of it? Quality management in the industry is precisely the area where the data is defined, collected and analysed, hence the importance of focusing on this sector.

It is estimated that by 2020 there will be more than 12 billion interconnected industrial machines and devices. The data generated by each of them is completely meaningless if they fail to work symbiotically, that is, if they do not register within an efficient system. The data, therefore, must be communicated in a timely manner to generate virtuous cycles that respect the quality demands of the present. This is the key role that Kapture plays: it is your access key to Industry 4.0.

The industry has changed a great deal since its inception in the industrial revolution