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Standardization, Notifications and Information

Do you have real-time access to the results of the reception process?

The collection of data from incoming controls in real time, together with the ease of analysis from the detail of a part to the comparison between suppliers, have an impact on an improvement in efficiency and responsiveness.

Digitalization of execution

The quality controls of incoming processes are standardized and executed digitally from any device. Because of Kapture.IO flexibility, there are several different setup options.



Quality control forms can be designed according to agreements with each supplier, by product family or by supplier.

  • Flexibility in the creation of forms
  • Quick modification of controls
  • Visual and quick to execute controls

Aggregate Analysis

On the KaptureIO platform, notifications and shared reports between the supplier and the customer can be easily setup. Among other KPIs, aggregated data and detailed data from each measurement can be automatically analyzed and filtered according to the most important attributes and parameters.



  • Customized and automated KPIs
  • Aggregated data analysis
  • Detailed visualization of each measurement
  • Comparison between suppliers

Problem-solving and 8-D

The Issue Management and Problem-Solving module of  the Quality Management System (QMS) KaptureIO complements incoming controls, empowering total traceability of issues and simplifying the management of 8Ds in one platform that is always updated.


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