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Formula Student 2022 &

Engineering students from around the world compete in the design, development, construction and driving of a single-seater racing car. It is an educational project that allows engineering students to be part of a real professional experience. Formula Student represents a top-level master’s degree in the automotive sector. is Official Sponsor of FSS 2022 – a QMS (Quality Management System) focused on the digitalisation of data and procedures related to Quality. Leader in the automotive sector and with success cases in other industrial sectors related to the manufacturing of consumer goods.

The team has designed the scoring and data entry tool for three categories in the project: cost, business and design.

The team interface allows the creation of tailored guidelines and controls, both quickly and efficiently. As well as checklists, audits and/or incident management to follow up with problem solving.

These are some guidelines that have been easily created with for FS judges

Automatic interactive dashboard, to display the results of Cost, Business and Design tests in real time.

This year 2022 from we offer you these options of collaboration oriented to students, teams and universities

Use with your team to be more competitive

Join with your
final degree project (FDP / FYP) collaborates with universities

Get into Quality 4.0
by Kapture Academy

Use with your team to be more competitive

With you can easily create your own control patterns. We show you some ideas:

  • Checklist for start-up and pit entry protocol
  • Recording of parts testing on elements and sub-assemblies
  • Standardise procedures to minimise the impact of annual team turnover

Count on us if you need help!

Join with your
final degree project (FDP / FYP)

For Data Science, Programming, Quality and/or lean manufacturing process specialists, you can develop your final degree project with We give you some ideas …

  • Machine Learning (AI) project based on massive data analysis.
  • Image analysis modules
  • Development of new APP’s related with Quality and Digital Twins
  • Application of to new contexts beyond those related to manufacturing. collaborates with universities has a collaboration programme with universities to bring the state of the art in industrial manufacturing processes to the academic world. brings theoretical and practical knowledge in Industry 4.0.

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