Defect Mapping 4.0

Defect mapping, an innovative functionality of the Quality Management System (QMS), represents the detected defects on a heat map of the product.

The data is automatically updated on a heat map, showing defects in real time and facilitating immediate decision making.

The heat map, together with the customizable alarm system, is key to quickly resolve problems detected in production and, consequently, reduce non-quality costs and improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Main functionalities

Heat mapping is an innovative and impactful solution for industries interested in controlling quality and reducing cosmetic defect costs.

consumer goods
Consumer goods

car automotive industry
Automotive Car

indústria náutica barco control
Nautical industry

transportation train aviation rail
Aviation Railway

home appliances

  • Accuracy

Grid configuration according to the level of accuracy required to obtain actionable data and reports.

  • Customization

Classification on the product image of the defects to be reported, as well as their severity.

  • Score

Assignment of the severity level of each defect according to its importance and criticality of the product.

  • Alarms and notifications

Rapid identification of potential problems and defects in order to limit their economic impact.

Easily enter data

Manual introduction

Easily select the type of defect, assign a severity level and position it on the product image.

Automatic introduction

Collects defect data automatically from quality control machines, including scanners and vision cameras.

  • Data analysis

The data is plotted on a heat map, making it easy to visualize the most costly defects and make quick decisions. To complete the analysis, the heat map is complemented with other graphs such as Pareto or trend graphs.

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