The tool that eliminates the paper of quality controls

Quality as a path to continuous improvement is the QMS(Quality Management System) for advanced quality management that removes paper from the plant floor, reduces SCRAP, with which you will achieve your objectives defined in your Control Plan.


An easy-to-implement QMS for quality management


To your production processes and internal structure


At your plant 24/7 Bluetooth / wifi machine connection


Easy implementation will not require resources


To more than one plant, wherever they may be


To your BI and other programs (ERP, MES, etc.)


At all times by our team of experts


Sectors managing and controlling quality with


Plastic Injection



Consumer Goods


Large corporations

In the industrial environment, integrating diverse systems and protocols is a challenge regardless of the sector of operation. If you belong to a large company looking to digitize quality while facing the integration of diverse systems, we have the technology and resources to turn challenges into opportunities.


The potential of that you can discover and use today

  • Definition and execution of on-line Quality Controls
  • Execution of flying controls
  • Non-conformity management
  • Audit planning
  • Reliable and exportable data
  • Access to Kapture Academy

What you will get with

The benefits of on your business and your production will start from day one.

  • You will remove the paper from the lines
  • Squeeze your data easily for nonconformity management
  • Make decisions with reliable and complete data
  • Reduces the SCRAP and Recrabjas ratio by more than 20%.
  • Make decisions with reliable and complete data

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