Report sharing: sharing information is key

Report sharing, compartir información es la clave

In a recent article about Metrological reports 4.0., we reviewed the benefits that can be achieved if we move from hard-copy reports to a digital and analytical tool, which will make and automatically update every report

  • updated summary of the quality status of each project and part;
  • cross-data analysis, regardless of the source;
  • a combination of different types of graphics;
  • without restrictions in the types of checks in the same report: Numerical, Boolean or a list displaying several options to choose;
  • filtering results (by date, machine, etc.).

Now imagine that you are an OEM that is receiving the data regularly (Daily?  Weekly?) from your Tier1 suppliers. The gap between reports is long enough to risk that the process turns out of tolerances, or even take place, so that any decision taken thereafter will be extremely expensive, based on the urgency of the moment.

Report sharing
Report Sharing

However, what if we could have this type of reports always available, and the data being updated in real-time?

What would happen if, besides creating dynamic reports, with data from multiple sources and reviewing different types of instantly updated checks, it would be possible to share them in real time? Would that provide us a guarantee about the quality status of the parts we receive?

Obviously, the answer is yes. A platform like offers the possibility to share every report in real time in a simple way, through the report sharing feature, reviewing updated data and according to the measures determined in the control plans. This way, up-to-the-minute information will be available after being validated by the Tier1 supplier. This will allow continuous monitoring of the process and taking informed and data-based decisions.

The digital transformation implies that clients and suppliers work in collaborative environments where information sharing is a key pillar to ensure the quality of processes and to avoid inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.