Defect mapping: visual control in quality

Can you imagine being able to report the quality of products and their defects easily, efficiently and quickly? will help you to achieve this by means of our defect mapping module.

Defect Mapping on a door
Defects visualization on a heatmap

Defect mapping is an innovative functionality that allows you to control and visualize the quality status in an agile and efficient way, which contributes to an early correction of faults and a more preventive decision-making process, resulting in significant non-quality cost savings.

How does defect mapping work?

Defect mapping lets you size the grid and image according to the required level of accuracy, setting it up to meet the product’s needs and requirements.

Defect mapping set up

Via this process of quality control, defects will be easily located on the screen, as well as their severity, thus obtaining a heatmap where the intensity of defects and severity is shown.

As the defects and its severity are reported, the heatmap, trend and Pareto charts will be updated. The heatmap, together with the alarm and notification system, will empower quick decision-making and reduce costs due to poor product quality.

Activity and Control Charts on

Defect mapping is a solution within the natural evolution towards Industry 4.0 that integrates and provides access in one platform to quality data coming from several sources.

Complementary Pareto to defect mapping guarantees real time data collection and transforming it into information to speed up decision-making. Amongst other features, we launched for all our customers an innovative feature such as defect mapping with a large impact on the reduction of non-quality costs.