Defect Mapping
Defect mapping,’s latest feature, graphically represents the defects detected on the product’s image in an interactive heatmap.
All incoming data is updated into a heatmap, presenting an accurate display of defects in real-time and enabling data-based decisions.
The integrated personalized alarm system, along with the heatmap, is the key to successfully and effectively resolving any issue detected in production and, thereby, decrease non-quality costs and improve overall efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Key features

The defect map can be used in any industry that is concerned about quality control and is interested in reducing costs of cosmetic defects.

Set the grid according to the level of accuracy required to be able to obtain an actionable report.
Upload your prefered image and define which issues should be reported on, along with their severity.
Assign the level of severity of each defect found in accordance with the criticalness to the product.
Quickly identify potential issues and defects before they become a large and costly problem.
Enter data easily

Simply select each defect, assign a severity level and position it on the product’s image grid.

Automatically collect and upload data from your quality-control devices on your production lines, including 3D scanners and vision cameras.

Data Analysis
Data is shown on a heatmap, where you can view the costliest defects and make immediate decisions. The heatmap report is also complemented by other graphs such as trend charts and Pareto charts.