Smart Quality is key in a connected industry

Manufacturing processes such as welding and stamping can be unstable and reach high rates of rework and even scrap and, therefore, reducing these rates will significantly increase productivity and reduce costs. To achieve this improvement, Tecnomatrix, through and its Intelligent Quality System (IQS), proposes to implement real-time control and digitalization systems, artificial intelligence algorithms […]

 Report sharing, compartir información es la clave

Report sharing: sharing information is key

What would happen if, besides creating dynamic reports, with data from multiple sources and reviewing different types of instantly updated checks, it would be possible to share them in real time? Would that provide us a guarantee about the quality status of the parts we receive?

 Connected Process

Connected Process, Smart Decisions

We live in the Big Data era. It is said that data is like the oil or “black gold” of the 21st century. However, capitalizing on data seems overly complicated and unachievable, only reachable for leading teams of experts. Many people believe that their company is not ready to enter this domain but, is it […]

Defect mapping: visual control in quality

Can you imagine being able to report the quality of products and their defects easily, efficiently and quickly? will help you to achieve this by means of our defect mapping module. Defect mapping is an innovative functionality that allows you to control and visualize the quality status in an agile and efficient way, which […]