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Your data always available

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Cloud Connection

Cloud Connection

Share your data between all the companies in your group in any country whenever you need it.

App Solution

App Solution

Work on your data offline, upload everything when ready and start sharing your results. Nobody will miss out.

API Integration

API Integration

Stop wasting time and integrate Kapture with your measurement and management systems.

Everything Secure

Everything Secure

All your data will be encrypted ensuring the safety of your information at all times.

Data capture and data management as you have always done it

but a step further

Capture your measurements from mobile devices and share them with your organization.

Whenever you change the data your colleagues will be aware, from Lisbon to Beijing.

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Checking fixtures and manual gauges

Optical systems



Automated installations with plcs

Material reception

Organize your resources

Analyze them with quality data

Manage and keep track of your staff.
Everything you need is at your fingertips: control plans, measuring instruments, fixtures, machinery, equipment, reports management of all of them.
Everything you need, you will find in Kapture.

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From anywhere in the world

sharing data has never been so easy

Access your data from any device connected to the web. You will be monitoring everything in real-time synchronization from every factory and from every user.

Kapture in the world

Near a century of innovation

we´re always looking to the future

Kapture is the fruit of years of research in Tecnomatrix, est. 1927. Over these years the accuracy has been a must in all our quality controls, and the challenge now was to interconnect all this data throughout the world respecting the two maximum goals: security and customer support.

So Kapture was born, the application that enables our customers to jump to the XXI century technology with all the guarantees.

We also offer a personalized customer care, where all your doubts will be resolved.

Most of our customers have already made the step, will you be next?

Xavier Conesa and founder Francisco Conesa Fernández

Discover how Kapture can help your company

The possibilities are endless

These are just some of the possibilities

Https secure access

Safety is a priority for us and the whole data transfer is done encrypted in order to avoid systems attacks.

Multi-plant system access

Allowing the management of different factories or associated accounts and sharing of data from one or more projects.

Real-time synchronization

Data entered from the terminals or the application can be accessed instantly by any user.

Graphics designer forms

Personalize the various data entry pages to the last detail. With different images on each page, number and position of the points, as well as the configuration of the labels of the points.

Graphical reports

Choose between different predefined formats, modify and create your own reports.

Chronological activity

Through historical activity of the control plans, activity per person, a checking fixture or a particular instrument. Giving full traceability, control about the monitoring.

Loading data batch files

Input data from a generated text file of the CMM or optical system is the most efficient and fastest way to enter the measurement values.

R&R reports, capability, first-off

Make easy and fast reports with the help of a wizard or guidance system to help minimize errors.

Multi-language system

Choose from English, Spanish, German and French. Soon more languages will follow.

Apply filters

Filter the data by part colour, cavity, shift, operator, machine, etc. It has never been so simple. A great tool for detecting abnormalities that are affecting our control system indicators.

Alarm management

Set alarms for values of certain indicators, delays in implementing control plans, higher deviations at critical points, etc. Making fault detection easy.

Documentation tracking and incident control

A simple and efficient way of keeping track of documentation and incidents in our tooling and measuring instruments. Storing certificates of machinery usage and incident records.

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